Profile Review and School Selection

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Profile Review and School Selection

Once you have made up your mind, the prime step of importance is where you apply and for what program – This is the starting point; this is where it all begins. The most critical point of initiation, if you mess this up, your entire strategy goes for a toss.

School selection for MBA, EMBA, and Masters programs cannot be done with data alone. While a 99 percentile LSAT and a 3.7 undergraduate GPA from an Ivy Leave will almost guarantee that you will get into a top law school, a 770GMAT and a 3.8GPA from a top 10 – excellent credentials to have – may not guarantee a spot at a top B-School. Our research infuses the human element, one that cannot be captured by data or numbers, and takes into consideration all attributes required to select programs where you have a high probability of success.

Who this is for

This is for candidates who have decided to take on the MBA or Masters plunge, and would like to learn more about their options, and programs that could be a good fit for them.

Once again, your MBA and Masters application is a system of multiple elements that collectively work to present your personal brand and story – and it is obvious that you have to diversify and apply in order to amplify your chances of getting in.

What it includes

  • We will go through your CV, Experience, College GPA and Test Scores.
  • Profile Review – A Telephonic or Skype call to discuss your interests and motivation, and get a better understanding of your background and skills.
  • Map your profile and match you with our Research.
  • Recommend a list of a minimum six schools, two in each of the categories of Dream, Likely and Highly Probable.
  • In this list we will also include professional and masters programs that suit your profile and interest.
  • We will give you the application requirements and deadlines for each of the schools.