Early Career Planners – Undergrads

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Early Career Planners

In order to succeed today, you have to plan ahead and start early. The way the world is evolving, you face the risk of becoming obsolete even before you can reach a stage of expertize – technology is evolving at a rapid pace and gaps between specializations are becoming narrower. The world is looking for people who not only have insight and deep domain knowledge, but also breadth of knowledge and a strong hold on various subjects. To keep up with times:

To keep up with times:

Musicians have to understand technology

Bankers have to understand psychology

Doctors have to understand analytics

Filmmakers have to understand business

Automobile engineers have to understand art, and

Architects have to understand automation

Getting a degree is not the answer. One has to view one’s career as a culmination of interest, abilities and training, and you have to plan ahead in order to stay ahead of the curve. This is where we come in. We go deep into your profile to understand your skills and interests, map them with global collages and provide you a strategy that is tailored only for you.

Who this is for

This package is for high school students seeking a global Bachelor’s degree – those who not only want to learn about collages and programs, but also about post college careers, and their long term potential. This is for candidates who want to gain a better understanding of their profiles and are unsure about what path to take, or those who want to explore Bachelor’s degree programs offered across the world. This package is also for students who have narrowed in on their interests and are sure about what they want to do, but want to explore more about degrees within their field of interest.

How it works

  • Profile Review – A Telephonic or Skype call to discuss your interests and motivation, and get a better understanding of your background and skills.
  • Map your profile with our research.
  • Recommend a list of colleges and programs.
  • Provide guidance on crafting a solid application.