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Getting the ding letter from B-Schools can be an emotional and demotivating experience. Given the statistics of top schools, it is a mathematical certainty that well over 70% of the applicants get rejected, and there is no one reason for this. While certain attributes in an application can be addressed easily, others cannot. Time and again, we have noticed that even the most brilliant candidates fail to portray an effective personal brand, and it’s not their fault. Given the limited number of seats available, you have to go beyond just brilliance to set yourself apart, and at every stage of the evaluation process. This is especially true now, when acceptance rates at US schools for Indian male applicants is much much lower than others.

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but an application can be crafted to identify your weak links and increase your odds. This is where we step in.

Who this is for

This service is for those candidates who have not been selected at any school, and have to rethink their strategy and positioning from scratch, and take a fresh approach for this year.

This is also for candidates who have made up their mind on a school, and would like to get a comprehensive review of their past application, feedback on gaps, and how to fix them.

How it works

For re-applicants we offer a comprehensive package in which we go through all your previous MBA applications, including essays, recommendations, selection of schools, interviews and feedback from schools, if any. We will recommend strategies to fix mistakes and improve your application, and improve your personal branding and story. We will also help you refine your school selection and application timing. This package will involve a profile review, after we have reviewed your application and mapped it with our research. This does not include consulting for future applications. If you would also like to work with us on your future applications, take a look at our All In package.

We also offer a one-school review package for re-applicants, in which we go through your complete application for the school you’ve not received a letter of acceptance, and in turn provide points that will help you refine your application. The one school package does not include a review of your candidacy for other programs or selection of schools.