Interview Prep

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Interview Prep

Shortlisted for an interview? If you’ve made it this far, it implies, for most schools, that you have a 50 percent chance of making it through. At this stage, you not only validate your profile, but also create an impression.

For some schools, it’s a mandatory part of the application, and an important one at that. For others, it could be a make or break situation. A low interview score, irrespective of your impressive Bachelors Degree and 750GMAT, can keep you out, and a very good interview score, irrespective of your background, can get you in.

Our technique is not to grill you, but to work with you, and bring out who you really are – an individual the Admissions Committee wants to lay its bet on. This, of course, will be conducted in a structured manner, by employing elements of behavioral event interviewing, situational theory, scenario planning, drama theory, and finally mapping you to our research and insight on what admissions offices are aiming for.

Who this is for

Once you’ve stepped into this realm, it’s often a good idea to plan ahead. This package is for those who have submitted their application, and want to prepare for the interview in advance, or go through a few mock interviews to brush up their approach.

We have conducted hundreds of admissions interviews and our research has led us to conclude that no one strategy suits all. There are no right or wrong answers – in fact, a good answer by one may not work for the other, and this is the core of our philosophy. The interview is about you, and memorising answers is not a part of what we offer, and not a good strategy.

What it includes

  • We will go through one application
  • We will then conduct a mock interview, generally 30 minutes
  • We will review your answers, and provide you detailed feedback
  • We will provide guidance on our philosophy and techniques. We will provide you interview questions. This will be customized.
  • Hold a final interview, and give you feedback.
  • We will try to match you with alumni from the School that you are applying to, or a specialist from your industry of interest. This could take time, hence we suggest you to start early.