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“I decided to take Abhishek’s services when all the odds were against me, and I had several rejections from a number of Top 15 US Schools, over two years. I had an average GMAT score for a top school, and an unconventional experience/story.
To start with, Abhishek told me to continue focusing on the top US Schools. Not only did he have a great insight into what these top schools look for in a candidate, but he also had faith in my story. He helped me bring out the most important points in my experiences in a very nuanced way. He helped me gauge my strengths and build on them across my application, something which I had difficulty in doing myself.

Abhishek has this amazing ability to help you reflect on your experiences far more effectively than anyone I’ve met while writing my applications. He is a great listener and has this amazing knack to grasp your personality, skills and also help vocalise your career goals succinctly. He was extremely detail-oriented in each and every aspect of my application and made sure I did several iterations of my CV, goals, school research and application essays.

He really focuses on each candidate in isolation and brings in a customised and tailor-made approach and commitment. He connects with you so well that it just becomes easy to share and receive feedback with him. He is not one of those consultants that use a basic playbook for a wide variety of applicants.

I would strongly recommend Abhishek to any kind of MBA applicant – his strong knowledge in this space, ability to comprehend one’s story, professional experience, and commitment is unparalleled. Thank you for making this happen! :)”

Admitted at: Harvard Business School
Attending: HBS Class of 2018
GMAT: 710
Experience: 5 years at own startup
Undergrad: Top engineering college in India (non IIT)

Writing a good business school application is as emotional as it is stressful. It’s not a science, and to get through this, one needs to filter out the noise and find a direction which creates maximum impact. Abhishek gets this. He was a true partner in my success. He has structured his services to give unlimited support to candidates instead of hourly guidance, which is essential when you’re taking an important step in your career. This makes for a personalised experience and not a transactional one. He is curious about your journey, and this makes him a great advisor.

Additionally, Abhishek’s knowledge of B-Schools is up-to-date, as he is constantly researching the latest developments in the admissions universe. Most impressive though, is his ability to marry the psychology of the admissions committee with the applicants’ personalities, their cultural, professional and academic backgrounds, so as to bring out their unique stories. He combines the above with simplistic style of writing. His essay inputs keep the essay real and convey a clear message. I got shortlists at all the schools I applied with Abhishek. I wish everybody similar success.

Admitted at: MIT Sloan, London Business School
Attending: MIT Sloan Class of 2020
GMAT: 750
Experience: 5 years in consulting
Undergrad: Top engineering college in India

I want to thank Abhishek very much for his dedication and professionalism throughout the process, from developing a strategy on which schools to apply to, to the interview process for each of the five schools I was shortlisted at. Without him, my applications would not have reached the level of sophistication required of MBA applications today. From the beginning Abhishek was invested in my career. He encouraged me to aim higher. My choice of schools was rather aggressive and I did not have what is popularly known as a ‘safety’ school.

Abhishek was never afraid to deal with the weak points in my application and to find solutions, and he did this without embellishing any reality or distorting any fact. His guidance and support was invaluable, and helped me get an interview at each of the schools I applied to, and an admit at Kellogg School of Management, where I will be heading this Fall. I highly recommend him!

Waitlisted: Harvard Business School and Stanford
Attending: Kellogg Class of 2020
GMAT: 750
Experience: 5 years total, consulting and internal strategy with a tech giant
Undergrad: Top engineering college in India

“I was confused about staying in India or going abroad for an MBA. Abhishek helped me at every step of the way, right from selecting schools, to making a good application. With his help, I got into the London Business School and the Indian School of Business. Even post my admission, he gave me really good insights on the pros and cons of both schools, which helped me in deciding which one to attend. His strong understanding about the application process and knowledge about colleges, especially the ISB, helped me make the best decision of my life!”

Admitted at: London Business School and the Indian School of Business
Attending: ISB Class of 2017
GMAT: 690
Experience: Total 7 Years – 2 in consulting, 5 with own startup
Undergrad: Top US Engineering School (Think Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, GA Tech, Michigan)

“I took Abhishek’s advice while applying to the ISB and other foreign B-Schools. I ultimately got two accepts out which I chose ISB. Abhishek guided me right from the GMAT preparation stage to the post admission stage. He gave me specific tips on which study material to use for which section of the GMAT. He also spent a lot of time understanding my work and academic background, my future goals, and then helped me write my essays in a succinct manner. His insights helped me greatly at every step which gave me an edge over other candidates, and ultimately led to my admits. I recommend him highly.”

Admitted at: Melbourne Business School and the Indian School of Business
Attending: ISB Class of 2015
GMAT: 740
Experience: 4 years, at family business
Undergrad: B.Tech, Tier 2 Engineering College in India

“I have known Abhishek since 2012 right before I started my ISB applications. He was instrumental in mentoring me through the entire application process, providing clear insights on the gaps in my application and how I could structure it better. This led to my successful admit to the ISB CO 2014. His vast experience in dealing with MBA applications combined with his knowledge of various industries across the world make him an enviable mentor to have. If you are a prospective MBA candidate, I would highly recommend you to connect with Abhishek.”

Admitted at: The Indian School of Business
Attending: ISB Class of 2014
GMAT: 700
Experience: 5.5 years with a global engineering conglomerate
Undergrad: Top Engineering College in India (Non IIT)

“I have been working with Abhishek over the past few months for my MBA applications. The high level of dedication with the personalised support available, whether it’s essays or mock interviews, has gone a long way in helping me put forward a strong candidature to various MBA colleges around the world. I strongly believe that Abhishek has helped me in bringing out my journey and rediscovering my long term goals. I have got through to the ISB, and am now awaiting a decision from two global schools.”

Admitted at: The Indian School of Business
Attending: Undecided
GMAT: 700
Experience: 4.5 years with a global manufacturing conglomerate
Undergrad: BE Electronics and Electrical Engineering from top foreign university within Asia