All-In Package

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All-In Package

Our flagship offering, the All-In Package is a comprehensive, exhaustive, start to finish MBA package for those applicants who are aware of the risks and challenges the admissions process presents.

When it comes to going all in, often a hundred percent falls short. You’ll need all you’ve got, and more. We are your partners in this till the end for no one can work in both isolation and complete objectivity. Just as a puzzle is a culmination of individual pieces, so is the MBA application. And we help piece these different elements together so that they are in sync with each other. We ensure that all elements are well developed, result-oriented and capitalise on every opportunity allowing you to optimise your chances of success. This is a serious pitch. It’s not only about your interests, skills and aptitude, but also about your story. It is not only about brilliance, but also about your attitude towards achievement.

Admissions committees go through thousands of applications – they can see through you, and in an instant gauge whether you are a serious candidate, whether your career goals are believable and achievable, whether you are really interested in them or some other school, whether you have a uni-dimensional profile or are multi-faceted. More often than not, you’ve just dumped a ‘cut copy and paste’ from your previous application to a dream school, a common mistake that many candidates make – the AdComs will see it.

Who should go All-In?

This service requires commitment from both sides, and hence, this is for those candidates who are passionate, prepared and willing to invest their time and energy with us, and all the way.  Our customised approach guaranteeing personal involvement leads to us being restricted in our capacity. Hence, we can offer it only to those candidates who are very very serious about getting into the best MBA or Masters program.  If you are that candidate, we are very interested in you – get started.

The Journey

It is true every person is unique. But in order to be distinct, and stand out in the crowd, you have to present yourself effectively. For that, you have to craft an application that is impactful, incisive and impeccable, but more importantly one that represents the real you. Remember, even the best of candidates lose objectivity and face a writer’s block. Candidates also constantly fight dilemmas, because there is a natural human tendency to focus on statistics and what the admissions committee wants to see, rather than what you can truly present.

We want you to reach for the sky. We are fully committed to the cause and want do this the right way. At this juncture, we bring objectivity and expert advice throughout the process – we analyse, assess, compare, suggest and brainstorm till we get it right, for this is the most important pitch of you life.

What it includes?

  • Profile and Résumé review.
  • Review of your target schools, based on your profile and background.
  • Personal weekly consulting sessions.
  • Advice on choosing appropriate essay topics.
  • Review of your complete application for identity, flow and connectivity.
  • Multiple reviews of your essays to ensure objectivity. We will also run your essays past an English expert to ensure grammatical consistency.
  • Interview preparation with at least two mock interviews per school – we will try to match you with alumni from schools you are applying to, and with subject experts.

Application Review

In Addition to the All-in Package, we also offer the One Time Application Review Package, a special package for candidates who have completed their application but would like to get it proofread before finally submitting it. This is not only an editing service, but we will provide critical analysis, alternative and specific ways to improve your application in order to craft and create a more impactful story. This package does not involve personal consulting or a review of your profile. We only recommend this package for candidates who have completed their application and are at the final stages of submitting it.


ISB ALL IN PACKAGE                             RS 44,900/-

One School Package                        Rs 74,900/-

Two School Package                       Rs 129,900/-

Three School Package                    Rs 174,900/-

One Time Application Review        Rs 19,900/-