MBA Admissions Package

MBA Admissions Package

When it comes to MBA applications, often a hundred percent falls short. Our approach involves deep personal involvement, and ensures that all elements covered and presented in a manner that makes you stand out.

The MBA world is full of ironies, and there are no truisms to evaluation. Schools want to see focus, yet they want diversity. B-School marketing teams love the words ‘strategy’ and ‘leadership,’ yet the admissions offices dis applications in which there is too much jargon. You will study game theory and competitive strategy, and yet you are expected to be altruistic and selfless in your business pursuits!

Admissions committees go through thousands of applications – they can see through it, and in an instant gauge whether you are serious about your career, whether your goals are believable and achievable, or whether you are really interested in them or some other school. More often than not, you’ve dumped a ‘cut copy and paste’ from a previous application to another school, a common mistake that candidates make – the AdComs will see it.

Many of the head’s of admissions at top schools have prestigious backgrounds. Some even have PhDs in psychology. To succeed you will need to understand behavioral elements – traits that separate achievers from non-achievers. Just as a puzzle is a culmination of individual pieces, so is the MBA application. We help piece these different elements together so that they are in sync with each other. We ensure that they are well developed, and capitalize on every opportunity for you to optimize your chances of success. The application not only about your interests, skills and aptitude, but also about your story. It is not only about brilliance, but also about your attitude towards achievement.

So is there a method to this madness? Yes there is – there are a few traits that will definitely be evaluated, and we know all about them. How you establish them depends on the context of your situation and application. If there were only one method, everyone would game the system. This is not Law School or Med School in which you will surely get admission if you score well on standardized tests. A career in business requires additional skills, and hence, there will always be that candidate who will get into Harvard with a 680GMAT, and one who will be refused even with a 780. One thing is for sure, you can’t include everything, another common mistake that applicants make.

Our Process

What is included?

  • Unlimited consulting hours
  • Review of your profile and résumé
  • Review of your target schools
  • Storyboarding and choosing appropriate essay topics
  • Unlimited essay edits; multiple reviews of your essays to ensure objectivity – we will also run your essays past experts to get a second opinion, and ensure grammatical consistency
  • Advice on approaching mentors for the best letters of recommendations
  • Review of two letters of recommendation
  • Review of your complete application for identity, flow and connectivity
  • Interview preparation with school specific insights and two mock interviews – we will match you with alumni from schools you are applying to, or with subject experts


Round 1

Consortium – Aug 15
Harvard Business School – Sep 4
Cambridge Judge – Sep 9
Stanford – Sep 12

London Business School – Sep 13
Indian School of Business – Sep 15
Wharton (and Lauder) – Sep 17
Northwestern Kellogg – Sep 18
INSEAD – Sep 18
Duke Fuqua (early) – Sep 19
York Schulich – Sep 20
UWO Ivey – Sep 23
Chicago Booth – Sep 26
Berkeley Haas – Sep 26
Michigan Ross – Sep 30
MIT Sloan – Oct 1
Toronto Rotman – Oct 1
UCLA Anderson – Oct 2
Columbia (early) – Oct 4
Emory Goizueta – Oct 4
UVA Darden – Oct 4
Dartmouth Tuck – Oct 7
Cornell Johnson – Oct 8
Texas McCombs – Oct 8
Duke Fuqua – Oct 14
UNC Kenan-Flagler – Oct 14 (early)
Indiana Kelley – Oct 15
McGill Desautels – Oct 15
NYU Stern – Oct 15
USC Marshall – Oct 15
Oxford Said – Nov 1

Round 2

Consortium – Oct 15
Cambridge Judge – Oct 28
Cornell Johnson – Nov 5
INSEAD – Nov 6
UWO Ivey – Nov 12
Emory Goizueta – Nov 15
NYU Stern – Nov 15
York Schulich – Nov 15
Indian School of Business – Dec 1
Columbia (merit-based fellowship) – Jan 3
London Business School – Jan 3
Indiana Kelley – Jan 5
USC Marshall – Jan 5
Harvard Business School – Jan 6
Dartmouth Tuck – Jan 6
Duke Fuqua – Jan 6
Michigan Ross – Jan 6
UNC Kenan-Flagler – Jan 6
UVA Darden – Jan 6
Chicago Booth – Jan 7
Texas McCombs – Jan 7
Toronto Rotman – Jan 7
Wharton (and Lauder) – Jan 7
Yale SOM – Jan 7
Northwestern Kellogg – Jan 8
UCLA Anderson – Jan 8
Berkeley Haas – Jan 9
Stanford – Jan 9
Oxford Said – Jan 10
McGill Desautels – Jan 15
MIT Sloan – Jan 21

Round 3

Indian School of Business – Jan 1
Consortium – Jan 4
UWO Ivey – Jan 6
Cornell Johnson – Jan 8
Emory Goizueta – Jan 10
Cambridge Judge – Jan 13
NYU Stern – Jan 15
McGill Desautels – Feb 1
USC Marshall – Feb 28
Indiana Kelley – Mar 1
UNC Kenan-Flagler – Mar 2
Toronto Rotman – Mar 4
London Business School – Mar 5
Duke Fuqua – Mar 11
Dartmouth Tuck – Mar 30
Michigan Ross – Mar 30
Texas McCombs – Mar 31
Wharton – Apr 1
Berkeley Haas – Apr 2
Chicago Booth – Apr 2
HBS2+2 – Apr 2
Oxford Said – Apr 3
UVA Darden – Apr 6
Northwestern Kellogg – Apr 8
Stanford – Apr 8
MIT Sloan – Apr 9
Yale SOM – Apr 14
UCLA Anderson – Apr 16