We can help you get admission to one of the top UG Program in the USA.

Heading to a top undergraduate program in the USA could provide a great start to your career. Four early years in one of the key economies of the world has advantages beyond that of a stamp of a prestigious degree or a ticket to enter the Promised Land – it is an opportunity to gain comfort with a culture that is defining the world. Be it tech, healthcare, engineering, business, and finance, or media and entertainment, America is everywhere. Without a doubt, a top program can put you ahead of the curve. It will give you exposure to cutting-edge thinking, innovation, and organizations that are leading the way. The best part is that the degree is recognized everywhere in the world.

But competition is more intense than it was 10 years back. Today, undergraduates from all over the world are heading to the US. Acceptance rates at many of the top schools are way below 10%, making it very difficult even for the most brilliant candidates with near-perfect SAT and ACT scores. Brilliance is important but does not guarantee a spot.

To stand out, you need more and have to start early while you are in high school. Here is where we come in.

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