Get advice on the application from an ISB alum who has admissions office experience!

For candidates who only wish to apply to the Indian School of Business, we have a package with special pricing.

We have deep expertise with ISB. For starters, I have worked at ISB in Admissions and Placements for four years. Many on our team also have a similar experience. We have played a role in shaping admissions policies and evaluated hundreds of candidates every year. We know what happens on the inside, and at every stage of the evaluation process. More so, our understanding of academic planning and placements also puts us in a unique position. We have observed students’ journeys and can draw patterns between student attributes and their career paths. Our ability to act as an effective coach gives us an advantage over other firms.

For the amount of effort we put in, the price for this package is a bargain. This is my way of giving back. I had a fabulous time both as a student and staff, and where I learned the ropes of admissions and career planning. I will donate a fraction of all funds generated through this package to a non-profit, or a cause of my choosing.

Students recently admitted to ISB