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When it comes to MBA abroad for Indian students, often a hundred percent falls short. Our approach involves deep personal engagement and ensures that all elements are covered and presented in a manner that makes you stand out.

The MBA world is full of ironies, and there are no truisms to evaluation. Schools want to see focus, yet they want diversity. B-School marketing teams love the words ‘strategy’ and ‘leadership,’ yet the admissions offices dis applications in which there is too much jargon. You will study game theory and competitive strategy, and yet you are expected to be altruistic and selfless in your business pursuits!

Admissions committees go through thousands of applications – they can see through them, and gauge whether you are serious about your career, whether your goals are believable and achievable, or whether you are really interested in them or some other school. More often than not, you’ve dumped a ‘cut copy and paste’ from a previous application into another school’s application, a common mistake that candidates make – AdComs will see it.

Many of the admissions heads at top schools have prestigious backgrounds. Some even have PhDs in psychology. To succeed you will need to understand behavioral elements – traits that separate achievers from non-achievers. Just as a puzzle is a culmination of individual pieces, so is the MBA application. We help piece these different elements together so that they are in sync with each other. We ensure that they are well developed, and capitalize on every opportunity for you to optimize your chances of success. The application is not only about your interests, skills, and aptitude, but also about your story. It is not only about brilliance, but also about your attitude towards achievement.

So is there a method to this madness? Yes, there is – there are a few traits that will definitely be evaluated, and we know all about them. How you establish them depends on the context of your situation and application. If there were only one method, everyone would game the system. This is not Law School or Med School in which you will surely get admission if you score well on standardized tests. A career in business requires additional skills. There will always be a candidate who will get into Harvard with a 680 GMAT, and one who will be refused even with a 780. One thing is for sure, you can’t include everything, another common mistake that applicants make. To learn more, schedule a consultation or check out our package details page.

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