Assured Admission Package

Assured Admission Package - MBA

Our flagship offering, the Assured Admissions Package is a comprehensive, exhaustive, start to finish MBA package for those applicants who are not aware of the risks and challenges the admissions process presents. This is a no-bars service in which you apply to an unlimited number of schools – till you get in.

This package is for those candidates who need more time to think through and formulate their goals; those who would like to spend more time learning about business schools, and those who are committed to getting in. This program requires commitment, and hence, it is for those candidates who are passionate, prepared, and willing to invest their time and energy with us, and all the way.

Our Process

What is included?

  • You choose the number of schools you wish to apply to!
  • Unlimited consulting hours!
  • Review of your profile and resume
  • Resume design
  • Review of your target schools
  • Review of MBA, Masters and specialized programs
  • Story boarding and choosing appropriate essay topics
  • Unlimited essay edits; multiple reviews of your essays to ensure objectivity – we will also run your essays past experts to get a second opinion, and ensure grammatical consistency
  • Advice on approaching mentors for the best letters of recommendations
  • Review of your letters of recommendation
  • Review of your complete application
  • Interview preparation with school specific insights and two mock interviews – we will match you with alumni from schools you are applying to, or with subject experts
  • Assured admissions!


Round 1

MBA Program Round 1
Berkeley (Haas) 23-Sep-21
Cambridge (Judge) 13-Sep-21
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 3-Oct-21
Chicago (Booth) 23-Sep-21
Columbia* 6-Oct-21
Cornell (Johnson) 12-Oct-21
Dartmouth (Tuck) 27-Sep-21
Duke (Fuqua) 2-Sep-21
Georgetown (McDonough) 27-Sep-21
Harvard 8-Sep-21
London Business School 10-Sep-21
Michigan (Ross) 20-Sep-21
MIT (Sloan) 28-Sep-21
Northwestern (Kellogg) 15-Sep-21
NYU (Stern) 15-Sep-21
Oxford (Saïd) 1-Sep-21
Penn (Wharton) 8-Sep-21
Stanford 9-Sep-21
Texas (McCombs) 12-Oct-21
UCLA (Anderson) 5-Oct-21
UNC (Kenan-Flagler) 11-Oct-21
USC (Marshall)
Vanderbilt (Owen)* 12-Oct-21
Virginia (Darden) 9-Sep-21
Yale SOM 14-Sep-21

Round 2

MBA Program Round 2
Berkeley (Haas) 6-Jan-22
Cambridge (Judge) 18-Oct-21
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 5-Jan-22
Chicago (Booth) 6-Jan-22
Columbia* 5-Jan-22
Cornell (Johnson) 5-Jan-22
Dartmouth (Tuck) 3-Jan-22
Duke (Fuqua) 11-Oct-21
Georgetown (McDonough) 6-Jan-22
Harvard 4-Jan-22
London Business School 6-Jan-22
Michigan (Ross) 10-Jan-22
MIT (Sloan) 19-Jan-22
Northwestern (Kellogg) 5-Jan-22
NYU (Stern) 15-Oct-21
Oxford (Saïd) 13-Oct-21
Penn (Wharton) 5-Jan-22
Stanford 5-Jan-22
Texas (McCombs) 6-Jan-22
UCLA (Anderson) 4-Jan-22
UNC (Kenan-Flagler) 10-Jan-22
USC (Marshall)
Vanderbilt (Owen)* 5-Jan-22
Virginia (Darden) 6-Oct-21
Yale SOM

Round 3

MBA Program Round 3
Berkeley (Haas) 7-Apr-22
Cambridge (Judge) 10-Jan-22
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 6-Mar-22
Chicago (Booth) 8-Apr-22
Columbia* 8-Apr-22
Cornell (Johnson) 12-Apr-22
Dartmouth (Tuck) 28-Mar-22
Duke (Fuqua) 5-Jan-22
Georgetown (McDonough) 31-Mar-22
London Business School 25-Mar-22
Michigan (Ross) 4-Apr-22
MIT (Sloan) 12-Apr-22
Northwestern (Kellogg) 6-Apr-22
NYU (Stern) 15-Jan-22
Oxford (Saïd) 12-Jan-22
Penn (Wharton) 30-Mar-22
Texas (McCombs) 29-Mar-22
UCLA (Anderson) 12-Apr-22
UNC (Kenan-Flagler) 28-Feb-22
USC (Marshall)
Vanderbilt (Owen)* 29-Mar-22
Virginia (Darden) 5-Jan-22
Yale SOM