Interview Prep Package

Interview Prep Package

If you have been shortlisted for an interview, it implies, for most schools, that you have a 50 to 60% percent chance of making it. This is a stage in which you validate your profile, and also create an impression.

For some schools, the interview is a make or break situation; for others it is clubbed as part of an overall score. A poor interview, irrespective of your impressive academics, experience and GMAT, can keep you out, and a good interview, irrespective of your background, can get you in.

At some schools, experienced staff members conduct interviews, such as by HBS and MIT, while at others school alums do them, such as at Stanford, Booth and INSEAD. Also, at some schools the interview will be résumé based and the interviewer will not have access to your application or GMAT scores, while at others the school rep will have access to your complete application. We have extensive data around interviewing practices by global schools. So if you want the right guidance, give us a call.

Our technique is not to grill you, but to work with you, and bring out who you really are. We do this by employing elements of behavioral science, situational theory, scenario planning, dramatic science, and mapping you to our research on what admissions offices are aiming for.

Our Process

What is included?

  • Review of one complete application
  • Insights on interviewing techniques and school specific strategies
  • Insights on commonly asked questions and acceptable answers
  • List of questions designed specially for you, considering your application
  • 2 mock interviews and feedback – we will try to match you with an alumnus from the school you have been shortlisted at