I first heard of CollegeStation from a trusted friend who joined MIT Sloan with support from Abhishek. While the referral was itself a strong enough reason, I was sold on him during our first call – he had very specific insights into my profile and how it needed to be approached. Unlike other consultants, he did not hold back in sharing knowledge, and explained how he would approach my unconventional experience upfront. Apart from this, he has a unique ability to adapt, can engage in any conversation about any topic, and has willingness to listen, all of which made my MBA admissions journey truly transformational.

After signing up, I kept procrastinating for a few weeks, and he still kept motivating me In the right way – I did not expect this from any consultant. At one point, I had almost given up after my 2nd GMAT attempt. But Abhishek never gave up on me. If it wasn’t for him, I would have not made the deadline for a few schools.

Objectively speaking his crisp writing style, ability to break down bigger ideas into simpler ones, and to find the most meaningful story in the most mundane events are his biggest strengths. He continued to engage during the interview prep, followed up with emails and was even available for odd calls to manage the anxiety around the application uncertainty. As a queer applicant I also was amazed how quickly he became comfortable.

His working style pushed me to explore more within my own experiences and gave me a certain thought-process of approaching any essay. I continue to use many of these learnings at my work and job applications.

Never did I feel I wasn’t in good hands. If I had to go back in time, I would do this all over again!

29, Male (LGBTQ), Indian
Applied: Harvard, Columbia, Tuck, Kellogg, LBS, Duke, Stern
Interviewed: Columbia, Tuck, Kellogg, LBS, Duke, Stern
Admitted: Columbia, Duke, Stern
Waitlisted: Tuck, Kellogg
Attending: Duke (with scholarship)
GMAT: 740 (3 attempts)
Experience: 7 years total, health-tech, public health, consulting, retail entrepreneur
Education: Economics from Delhi University

Working with Abhishek was like working with a friend. He was a REAL partner, always available for anything throughout my application process. He combines this friend-first approach with his superb knowledge, a result of his previous experience as an admissions officer. He reinforces his methods with constant positive messaging, which was important to me as it kept me motivated and in high spirits throughout the journey. Overall, I was very happy with my strategy and storyboard. Combined with well-articulated execution, of which we went through with multiple iterations, I was able to get an offer from my dream school, Stanford. Thank you! I really enjoyed my whole experience!

28, M, Indian
Applied: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Haas
Attending: Stanford
GMAT: 730
Experience: 5 years in health-tech
Education: B.Tech, Engineering (non-IIT)
Stanford - Gradute School of Business

It was particularly great working with Abhishek. He is very collaborative, honest and motivating, yet at the same time polite. These were important qualities I wanted in my consultant because I needed transparent feedback throughout my journey while still maintaining high motivations. Abhishek is also strategic, so with his help, I applied to the right mix of dream and reach schools. This helped me get an admission early on, and secure a good scholarship as well! Thank you!

26, F, Indian
Admitted: Babson College, Boston College
Attending: Babson (w/ scholarship)
GMAT: 640
Experience: 5 years in tech sales and marketing
Education: BCom Honors, MCom (Perfect GPA in both)

I had the pleasure of working with Abhishek for my MBA applications. By the time I started working with him, I had already gone through an unsuccessful year of applications. My work experience had a lot of diversity and I constantly struggled putting it all together and presenting it in a structured for the application process. I found Abhishek’s contributions of immense help in fundamentally reshaping the structure of my CV and essay components. Abhishek was always readily available for calls and on text and it never felt like a timed conversation with a client but one with a friend and advisor. Working with him on editing documents was fairly smooth and efficient. His contributions were helpful to me throughout the MBA process from applications to interviews and beyond and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to other prospective applicants.

27, M, Indian
Applied: Wharton, HBS, NYU, Cornell Tech
Attending: CornellTech
GMAT: 730
Experience: 2 years in tech product management, 2 years in healthcare nonprofit, 1 year in health-tech VC
Education: B.Tech Civil, Top Engineering College
When I began my applications, I was not sure how my profile would stand out amongst the thousands of applicants who apply to MBA programs each year.  I felt that my profile particularly fell short in the area of work experience. However, when I spoke with Abhishek, he reinforced my confidence and as we worked along, he became more of a mentor. I was soon convinced I had a unique story to tell. He helped me craft and brand my story in a way that would bring out its unique elements, those inherent my profile and which would also resonate with the admissions office.

26, M, Indian
Applied: UBC Sauder, Ivey, Schulich
Admitted: UBC, Schulich (w/ Scholarship)
GMAT: 680
Experience: 2 years media and tech experience in Canada, 1 year with family business
Education: BBA (Canada)

I had no prior experience or knowledge of applying to B-schools and was looking for a one-stop-solution for my application needs. I signed up with Abhishek after being referred by two friends who had very good experiences and successful outcomes with him. With a full-time job, I felt that both studying for the GMAT and preparing my applications was a challenge. Abhishek made the entire application process very smooth with his methodological approach. What also benefited me was his flexible way of working, which ensured that I never felt the pressure in the 8+ months of my engagement with him.

He also helped me tremendously with interview preparation and video essays. We discussed several questions and scenarios in-depth and did rigorous practice. Abhishek also leveraged his network to set me up for mock interviews with industry professionals and MBA grads from around the world. This helped me improve my interviewing skills, and eventually, I got admits from all the schools I interviewed with. I highly recommend Abhishek and wish everyone success in the process.


26, M, Indian
Applied: Rotman, Ivey, Mcgill Desautels
Attending: McGill Desautels
GMAT: 710
Experience: 2 years in tech consulting with a boutique firm, 2 years in marketing
Education: B. Tech. from tier 2 Indian College

Abhishek has a delightful way of working! He can immediately understand your background and paint strokes of the broader picture, while at the same time zero in on crucial details. He masterfully re-tells your narrative in an authentic way. His guidance is backed with years of experience. Because of my work with him, I was way ahead in my MBA program on modules on career planning. My resume was exactly in the shape and structure recommended by my career services team. Working with him has been an educational and very enjoyable experience!

Applied: AGSM@UNSW, Warwick Business School, London Business School, WHU Germany.
Admitted: AGSM@UNSW, Warwick Business School (with scholarship)
Profile – 26, F, Indian/Australian
GRE: 321/340
Experience: 6 years. 5 in food-tech, 1 in fin-tech
Education: BA English Literature

Since the beginning and through till the end, Abhishek gave me unparalleled attention  and helped me build a great story by getting rid of unimportant details. His services are very personalized, and he will not give mechanical advice that is applicable to all candidates. Abhishek helped me crack all three colleges I applied to, and I would highly recommend him to anyone  applying not only for management, but also for MIM and other masters and graduate programs. 

24 F Indian
Admitted: ISB, ESSEC, LBS
Attending: LBS
GMAT: 680
Past Experience: Consulting (Big 4), Food-tech
College: Hans Raj College, DU (BA Honors Economics)
It would be a disservice to consider Abhishek as anything short of an ally in what was a demanding journey to my admit. As a candidate with a non-traditional background and a 690 GMAT, Abhishek not only helped me select the schools where I was the right fit, he was the ideal sounding board for my aspirations and goals that ultimately helped me weave an authentic narrative for my applications.
What I appreciated most about working with him was the pre-work that helped me retrospectively evaluate my career, leadership traits and what made me truly unique. I was amazed at his in-depth knowledge on what each of the schools I was applying to valued most in the applications. The result were essays that were tailor made to each of the three schools I applied to, a move a traditional admissions consultant keeping me on a clock could never offer.
Thanks to his support throughout the essay writing and interview process, I secured an admit to all the schools I applied to and will be attending my dream school, INSEAD with a scholarship in the Fall of 2020!
28, F, Indian
Admitted: INSEAD, LBS, HEC
Attending: INSEAD
GMAT: 690
Experience: 5 years in fashion and retail
Education: BCom, Masters in Fashion Merchandising

“I decided to take Abhishek’s services when all the odds were against me, and I had several rejections from a number of Top 15 US Schools, over two years. I had an average GMAT score for a top school, and an unconventional experience/story.
To start with, Abhishek told me to continue focusing on the top US Schools. Not only did he have a great insight into what these top schools look for in a candidate, but he also had faith in my story. He helped me bring out the most important points in my experiences in a very nuanced way. He helped me gauge my strengths and build on them across my application, something which I had difficulty in doing myself.

Abhishek has this amazing ability to help you reflect on your experiences far more effectively than anyone I’ve met while writing my applications. He is a great listener and has this amazing knack to grasp your personality, skills and also help vocalise your career goals succinctly. He was extremely detail-oriented in each and every aspect of my application and made sure I did several iterations of my CV, goals, school research and application essays.

He really focuses on each candidate in isolation and brings in a customised and tailor-made approach and commitment. He connects with you so well that it just becomes easy to share and receive feedback with him. He is not one of those consultants that use a basic playbook for a wide variety of applicants.

I would strongly recommend Abhishek to any kind of MBA applicant – his strong knowledge in this space, ability to comprehend one’s story, professional experience, and commitment is unparalleled. Thank you for making this happen! :)”

Admitted at: Harvard Business School
Attending: HBS Class of 2018
GMAT: 710
Experience: 5 years at own startup
Undergrad: Top engineering college in India (non IIT)

Harvard Business School

Writing a good business school application is as emotional as it is stressful. It’s not a science, and to get through this, one needs to filter out the noise and find a direction which creates maximum impact. Abhishek gets this. He was a true partner in my success. He has structured his services to give unlimited support to candidates instead of hourly guidance, which is essential when you’re taking an important step in your career. This makes for a personalised experience and not a transactional one. He is curious about your journey, and this makes him a great advisor.

Additionally, Abhishek’s knowledge of B-Schools is up-to-date, as he is constantly researching the latest developments in the admissions universe. Most impressive though, is his ability to marry the psychology of the admissions committee with the applicants’ personalities, their cultural, professional and academic backgrounds, so as to bring out their unique stories. He combines the above with simplistic style of writing. His essay inputs keep the essay real and convey a clear message. I got shortlists at all the schools I applied with Abhishek. I wish everybody similar success.

Admitted at: MIT Sloan, London Business School
Attending: MIT Sloan Class of 2020
GMAT: 750
Experience: 5 years in consulting
Undergrad: Top engineering college in India

I want to thank Abhishek very much for his dedication and professionalism throughout the process, from developing a strategy on which schools to apply to, to the interview process for each of the five schools I was shortlisted at. Without him, my applications would not have reached the level of sophistication required of MBA applications today. From the beginning Abhishek was invested in my career. He encouraged me to aim higher. My choice of schools was rather aggressive and I did not have what is popularly known as a ‘safety’ school.

Abhishek was never afraid to deal with the weak points in my application and to find solutions, and he did this without embellishing any reality or distorting any fact. His guidance and support was invaluable, and helped me get an interview at each of the schools I applied to, and an admit at Kellogg School of Management, where I will be heading this Fall. I highly recommend him!

Waitlisted: Harvard Business School and Stanford
Attending: Kellogg Class of 2020
GMAT: 750
Experience: 5 years total, consulting and internal strategy with a tech giant
Undergrad: Top engineering college in India

Kellogg School Of Management

Abhishek has this remarkable ability to draw meaning from your experiences. He was extremely helpful since Day 1 and focused on what I can bring to the ISB application rather than following a generic approach.

He connected with me at a deeper level and helped me create a unique application – after a series of discussions with him, we decided to write about a personal situation and its learnings, rather than a professional one. His understanding of the overall admissions process, right from the essays, short answer type questions, to panel interviews, helped me at every stage of the process, and allowed me to gain great comfort with the application. Initially I was nervous because ISB was the only school I was applying to, but after speaking with Abhishek, I was completely allienated from the fear of the unknown. It was a pleasure to work with him. I would highly recommend him!

Applied: ISB
Attending: ISB Class of 2019
GMAT: 710
Experience: 3 years in consulting
Undergrad: Top Engineering College in India

Abhishek has in-depth experience with ISB’s selection process, which I found instrumental in helping me understand the criteria used to evaluate candidates. He has a very organic way of going through preparation required not only for application essays, but also interviews. He is a good listener, and the first few calls with him really helped me introspect and come up with a story that I could stand behind resolutely, as well as would resonate with the institute. He is very honest and concise with his suggestions. I found my interactions with him beneficial not only for the admissions process, but for overall career progression as well. I would recommend him to anyone.

Applied: ISB
Attending: ISB Class of 2019
GRE: 332
Experience: 4 years in healthcare consulting
Undergrad: Top Engineering College in India

Indian School of Business

My experience with CollegeStation can be summarised in 5 words: unadulterated advice and fantastic mentorship. The grey clout that hindered my progress due to the confusion of where I needed to go next to further my career was lifted in the months that I was mentored by Abhishek. From being confused between work life and changing streams to my admit to ISB CO2019 is nothing short of amazing. Abhishek’s belief and unwavering support is what makes him the best guidance counsellor. Applicants looking for a deeper and more personalised experience with their application, CollegeStation is the place to go!

Applied: ISB
Attending: ISB Class of 2019
GMAT: 680
Experience: 2 years with family business
Undergrad: BBA from USA

“I was confused about staying in India or going abroad for an MBA. Abhishek helped me at every step of the way, right from selecting schools, to making a good application. With his help, I got into the London Business School and the Indian School of Business. Even post my admission, he gave me really good insights on the pros and cons of both schools, which helped me in deciding which one to attend. His strong understanding about the application process and knowledge about colleges, especially the ISB, helped me make the best decision of my life!”

Admitted at: London Business School and the Indian School of Business
Attending: ISB Class of 2017
GMAT: 690
Experience: Total 7 Years – 2 in consulting, 5 with own startup
Undergrad: Top US Engineering School (Think Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, GA Tech, Michigan)

“I took Abhishek’s advice while applying to the ISB and other foreign B-Schools. I ultimately got two accepts out which I chose ISB. Abhishek guided me right from the GMAT preparation stage to the post admission stage. He gave me specific tips on which study material to use for which section of the GMAT. He also spent a lot of time understanding my work and academic background, my future goals, and then helped me write my essays in a succinct manner. His insights helped me greatly at every step which gave me an edge over other candidates, and ultimately led to my admits. I recommend him highly.”

Admitted at: Melbourne Business School and the Indian School of Business
Attending: ISB Class of 2015
GMAT: 740
Experience: 4 years, at family business
Undergrad: B.Tech, Tier 2 Engineering College in India

“I have known Abhishek since 2012 right before I started my ISB applications. He was instrumental in mentoring me through the entire application process, providing clear insights on the gaps in my application and how I could structure it better. This led to my successful admit to the ISB CO 2014. His vast experience in dealing with MBA applications combined with his knowledge of various industries across the world make him an enviable mentor to have. If you are a prospective MBA candidate, I would highly recommend you to connect with Abhishek.”

Admitted at: The Indian School of Business
Attending: ISB Class of 2014
GMAT: 700
Experience: 5.5 years with a global engineering conglomerate
Undergrad: Top Engineering College in India (Non IIT)

Indian School of Business

“I have been working with Abhishek over the past few months for my MBA applications. The high level of dedication with the personalised support available, whether it’s essays or mock interviews, has gone a long way in helping me put forward a strong candidature to various MBA colleges around the world. I strongly believe that Abhishek has helped me in bringing out my journey and rediscovering my long term goals. I have got through to the ISB, and am now awaiting a decision from two global schools.”

Admitted at: The Indian School of Business
Attending: Undecided
GMAT: 700
Experience: 4.5 years with a global manufacturing conglomerate
Undergrad: BE Electronics and Electrical Engineering from top foreign university within Asia